Bubble Bath Car Wash: Slowing the Spread of Coronavirus

President / Bubble Bath Car Wash

Now is a trying time for our city, our country and our world. As a locally-based, family-owned San Antonio business, know that all of us here at Bubble Bath Car Wash stand with you, our fellow San Antonians, as we brave the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

These times are not to be taken lightly and we’ve put a great deal of thought into responding to these health concerns in the very best way for both our customers and our employees. Bubble Bath Car Wash locations will be operating on normal business hours and will be implementing a number of important policies, effective immediately, to protect our community.

Increased Sanitization Measures

All customer pay stations will be thoroughly sanitized every thirty minutes, as well as doorknobs, computer keyboards, screens and the other touchable surfaces at each of our locations. Disposable gloves will also be available at each pay station for customers to use. In addition, we will be suspending all receipts, removing that additional and unnecessary screen touch from the usual pay station process. All reusable microfiber towels will also be handled with care, washed and sanitized at an increased level.

The towel, mat cleaner and free air services will continue to be available for customers’ use.

Social Distancing Policies

A number of measures are being taken to promote social distancing and the recommended six-foot distance between employees and customers, as well as between customers and other customers. Employees have been provided the proper face coverings as well. Other additional small measures have been put in place to limit direct interaction, including encouraging employees who are feeling under the weather to stay home. Through these actions, we hope to prevent further spread of the coronavirus and protect our community.

As the COVID-19 situation develops daily, we will continue to monitor the situation and evolve these policies to ensure the health and safety of our community.

As a small business owner and fellow San Antonian, I can personally attest to how difficult it is to navigate the current health crisis. But in the most difficult of times, it is important to remember that we will brave this challenging time as a united city and strong community.

In the coming weeks, join me in remembering the many small businesses that make this community great. Your support during this time truly means the world to the families behind these operations.

We encourage everyone to follow the recommendations released by healthcare professionals and City leadership. The strength, vigilance and unity of our San Antonio community will help us as we weather this challenging period.

Thank you so much for your business and for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Be safe friends, and we look forward to bubblier times ahead!