Our Car WashStory
By Nick Lopez, CEO

I’ve had the privilege of growing up in a family of brave entrepreneurs, something that I am incredibly proud of. From dentistry to car washes, we’ve always been doers, pioneers, dreamers. After 20 years of owning a dentistry practice in San Antonio, my father Larry Lopez decided that it was time for a new endeavor. He’d always dreamed of building a business that we could all grow together as a family and of leaving a legacy that generations to come would enjoy. Bubble Bath Car Wash was the fruition of that dream, and to this day, ‘together’ very much describes our operation.

My father, Larry, is our fearless leader with big ideas and an unrivaled entrepreneurial spirit and vision. Rose Mary, my mother and also Co-Founder of Bubble Bath Car Wash, is our lead in human resources, ensuring that every employee becomes more than just an employee, but a member of our family. My wife Carrie represents the creative side of our business, providing artistic direction and merchandising. My daughter Ophelia, who has lovingly become known by our friends and customers as ‘Baby Bubbles’, is the true heart and soul of the business. And myself, I am president of Bubble Bath, leading operations. Each of us contributes to this dream of ours daily and can be found onsite regularly.

In 2005, Bubble Bath Car Wash opened its first location with a self-serve wand wash. From there, it was time to take the bubbles to another level. In 2008, we opened the very first Bubble Bath Car Wash Express Tunnel in San Antonio’s Medical Center area, offering a state-of-the-art hands-free car wash with excellent customer service and free self-serve vacuums. Since then, we’ve become known as San Antonio’s “Home of the 3-Minute Car Wash” and now have five state-of-the-art car wash tunnels across San Antonio.

Over the years, Bubble Bath Car Wash has proven its deep commitment to providing top-notch car wash services and superior customer care within the San Antonio Community. Our mission is not only to have customers leave with a clean, shiny vehicle, but also to make them feel like they’ve had an exceptional customer service experience. We continue to add amenities to better serve customers’ needs, including free vacuums, free mat cleaners and now, free air! And for those customers who like to go the extra mile for their vehicles, check out the Bubble Bath car-care kiosks, where you can purchase air fresheners, microfiber towels and other items to polish up the details.

Bubble Bath Car Wash San Antonio Owner

On behalf of the Lopez family and Bubble Bath staff, we’d like to say, “Thank you, San Antonio!” Your business and support means the world to us. Don’t give your car a car wash. Give your car a Bubble Bath!

-Nicholas Lopez
President, Bubble Bath Car Wash