environmental friendly car wash san antonioBubble Bath Car Wash cares about the earth! When it comes to saving water and preserving Mother Nature, Bubble Bath honors their environmental commitment. We do this through three avenues: The PurClean® Water Recovery System, environmentally friendly Turtle Wax products and the SAWS WaterSaver Certification Program.

Solar Electricity
Savings & Usage

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PURClean® Water Recovery System

  • Reduces water usage to eight gallons of fresh water per vehicle
  • Cleans water to 5 microns
  • Water is reused on your tire, undercarriage and wrap lubrication

Environmentally Friendly
Turtle Wax® Products

  • Turtle Wax is the most recognized name in the car wash industry and understands the value of “clean”, not only clean vehicles but a clean environment
  • Turtle Wax provides certified environmentally safe products, meaning they are safe, effective and biodegradable

SAWS WaterSaver Certified

SAWS WaterSaver Certified

  • San Antonio Water System (SAWS) created the first certified car wash program in 1997, establishing new standards for existing and proposed car wash facilities within San Antonio
  • WaterSaver Car Wash Program participants are required to meet a variety of water saving requirements, decreasing water usage, and also protecting water quality in San Antonio